Our Process

1. Client Engagement
  • Propose a Face to Face meeting
  • Extensive job specification – dissecting client needs/wants consisting of technical skills, Personality, experience, essentials and past environmental requirements
  • Advice on the market including lead times, candidate availability and salary
  • Reach a compromise on the screening process

2. Candidate Generation
  • Retrack database, consisting of over 90,000 live candidates
  • Advertise across the leading engineering job boards
  • Headhunt to maximize the probability of the finding the right candidate
  • Overt marketing on professional social feeds

3. Selection Process
  • Candidate qualification which ranges from 30 minutes to 1 hour
  • Proposing a face to face meeting with the candidate
  • Advice candidates on the market including Timescales, client availability and potential salary
  • Screening consisting of; suitability, Skill, experience, motivations accurate duration to their next potential role
  • Collegial and past Employer reference checks

4. Periodic Updates
  • One point of contact to ensure you are aware of where the process is up to and whether the client would like to make any amendments to the spec provided by them.

5. Interview Stage
  • Advise available for all aspects of the commencing interview
  • Interview feedback form to be completed by the candidate which is then presented to the client

6. Offer Of Employment
  • Provide the candidate full detail of what the client has proposed in the official offer
  • Reach a compromise for both the client and candidate to ensure a smooth end to the process


7. Placement & Post-Placement
  • We will collate various forms of identification for the candidate
  • Termination of the candidates CV from job sites and as well as cancellation of other pending interviews.
  • After placement meeting which would be proposed a fortnight after the candidates employment

8. Market Awareness
  • The process and relationship with the client would have enabled us to know what profile of candidate would match up right with client, so if we cross paths with a candidate that fits the profile for our client even thought they are not actively looking, the skillset of the candidate found could entice the client to bringing the profile fitting candidate on board.